The challenge of writing an excellent blog!

As I launch this blog, I continue to research & study other blogs and writing, looking for words of encouragement or the “secret sauce” of a great, compelling blog.  This morning, I found a great little blog (little in terms of the number of posts) and the surprise is, it has not been updated in 8 years!  Yet the limited content & journal entries are well written and the posts are relevant today, in this fast-paced changing world.

Now that is key.  The fact that the last post is 8 years old and yet the content is relevant today proves the excellence of the blog.  It stands the test of time.  So now, not only do I need to write relevant, interesting content that has the SEO keywords, action verbs, proper grammar and spelling, it has to have a life span exceeding 8 years.  Eek.  What do you do to make your blog outstanding??  



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