The challenge of writing an excellent blog!

As I launch this blog, I continue to research & study other blogs and writing, looking for words of encouragement or the “secret sauce” of a great, compelling blog.  This morning, I found a great little blog (little in terms of the number of posts) and the surprise is, it has not been updated in 8 years!  Yet the limited content & journal entries are well written and the posts are relevant today, in this fast-paced changing world.

Now that is key.  The fact that the last post is 8 years old and yet the content is relevant today proves the excellence of the blog.  It stands the test of time.  So now, not only do I need to write relevant, interesting content that has the SEO keywords, action verbs, proper grammar and spelling, it has to have a life span exceeding 8 years.  Eek.  What do you do to make your blog outstanding??  


About likingmarketing

At LiKing Marketing, we are passionate about helping business effectively design and implement total marketing solutions to grow their revenues and reach their target audience. Our solutions include internet marketing (websites & social media), print solutions, powerpoint presentation and more.
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